Spring Turf Dethatching


Thatch is an accumulation of leaves and other yard debris that is shredded by your mower and placed back into the grass. The accumulation of thatch over time can prevent water and other nutrients from reaching the roots of your turf. Your lawn can also become more susceptible to drying out quicker. It also provides insects a great place to hide.

A light layer of thatch is beneficial to your lawn. It protects the soil from temperature changes and adds to the resilience of the turf.

To prevent your thatch from accumulating too thick, dethatching is typically performed every other year. In general, it is best to dethatch your lawn just prior to the most vigorous growing season. For this region, that is the Spring.

There are two methods we use to provide dethatching. A tine raking system works best for lawns that are serviced on a regular basis. If there is excessive thatch, power thatching equipment is more effective.


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