Community Management

Community Management

Your Property, Our Priority.

The professionals at Prima Management take your home seriously. The Prima System provides property managers the tools, infrastructure and knowledge to follow through and make your home and your community their priority. Services provided include:

  • Financial Management
  • Direct communication and consultation with board members
  • Effective and regular communication with homeowners
  • Enforcement of governing documents and actively participating in the resolution of member disputes
  • Negotiation of service contracts with vendors, including creation of RFP’s when needed
  • Reviewing property condition and providing recommendations on a regular basis
  • Prepare and submit resale and refinancing documentation as requested
  • Oversight of vendors, maintenance recommendations, and preventative maintenance
  • Promptly handling emergency maintenance requests through our 24-hour response system
  • Guide, direct and assist in annual and board meetings
  • Access to Prima’s network of real estate professionals that include legal assistance, brokerage and appraisal services

Financial Management

Possibly the number one reason that communities make a management change to Prima is due to financial and accounting concerns. Prima understands that protecting and growing your assets is key in creating value. The Prima System utilizes an infrastructure that rivals the security of the banking industry.

  • Accounts payable: We process and manage invoices from your vendors. This goes through a two-step approval process, allowing us to identify and capture potential invoicing mistakes. We remit payments to vendors in an efficient and timely manner. In rare cases, we will hold-back payment from vendor until issues are resolved. Our system allows for us to create and retain historical digital records of past paid invoices.
  • Accounts receivable: Our state-of-the-art software system allows us to monitor accounts receivable in an efficient manner. Homeowners are able to pay through our secure online system, greatly reducing past due members. This software allows members access to their portal so they can always view their balance, and allows Prima to automatically send past due notices, charge late fees, and remind owners of upcoming dues on an automated basis. If owners do become delinquent, we send notices to owners.
  • Financial reporting: Prima provides comprehensive financial reports to associations that include income statements, balance sheets, budget comparison, accounts receivable, accounts payable, check details, bank reconciliations, and just about any other financial statement requested.
  • Budgets: Prima takes an active role in developing, monitoring and overseeing the budget process. Each association takes a slightly different approach to this process and Prima offers the flexibility to provide guidance. Prima will monitor the actual expenses throughout the fiscal year, and provide warnings if budget categories are being  overspent.
  • Financial Controls: Prima always places a premium on financial security. We are guided by financial controls and regularly review policies and procedures to bring this to the forefront. We regularly provide recommendations consistent with financial industry professionals to communities. Prima will institute and oversee the control processes.

Homeowner communication

Communication is vital to transforming your association into a community. Every member needs to know their input and questions are important. Prima respects this and expects property managers to respond promptly and professionally. Lack of communication is one of the top reasons that associations will leave their current management company. We understand this and place a high value on not falling into this trap. We utilize current communication methods to the fullest, but also understand that at times, there is no substitute for picking up the telephone and talking face-to-face to people. The following are communication methods Prima uses.

  • Telephone: We still believe that answering the phone is key to communicating with homeowners and board members. During regular business hours, your first contact with Prima is with a person, not a machine.
  • Face-to-face: Our property managers take pride in walking your property and talking to homeowners. This is often where we get the best feedback to help improve your community. Our property managers also attend regular board meetings, special meetings, and annual meetings.
  • Homeowner Portal: The property management software that Prima offers provides secure, 24/7 access. Homeowners can view their account, pay assessments, submit work order requests, check the status of their work order, receive communications directly from the Board of Directors, receive communications from the property manager and more. Our maintenance staff also has real-time access to the work order system through their mobile devices.
  • Community Websites: Many communities like to use and maintain their own website. Property managers often have input and can help coordinate this form of communication.
  • Email: Property managers often stay in touch with homeowners via email. This can be one of the most effective forms of communication if used properly. Prima has an expectation that all emails are responded to within 24 hours; even if we do not have the answer at that time.

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